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About Us

WELCOME TO ASTA Traffic Management Part of The ASTA Group

ASTA Traffic Management is a supplier of quality traffic management services operating in the Sydney metropolitan region and surrounding areas.

ASTA Traffic Management Sydney is an Australian business providing high quality traffic management services to all. We are innovating by creating and engineering new styles of traffic management equipment designed and engineered to meet the long-term requirements of industry and minimise the effects traffic control has on other road users while at the same time ensuring the safety of all. Our Current projects currently under engineering:

  • Speed camera fitted Traffic Control vehicles (subject to approval)
  • Automated traffic signals with automated boom gates (subject to approval)
  • Many other automation ideas.

By carrying out traffic services in the most professional ways ASTA will provide a standard of service in collaboration our staff and clients as well as all stakeholders, that is second to none to create the traffic solutions for the future needs for busy cities.


Traffic Management is defined as the interaction between work vehicles and workers and their immediate environment including pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, and other infrastructure and the processes undertaken to eliminate or minimise the risks associated with those interactions within and around the work zone. It is for primarily this reason that any undertaking that requires lane closure or road closure or even interfere with pedestrians or cyclists movements requires a Traffic Management Plan and or a Traffic Control plan. It will also require occupancy license or council permits as well as police permits. We are no longer able to work with any public area without getting approval from the appropriate authority and all other stakeholders.

There are two ways that this can be done:

  • We prepare the Traffic Management Plan and The Traffic Control Plan and give it to you to follow up with the appropriate authorities for your project. Or
  • We do it all and when its complete with all permits licenses we pass it onto you to do the work.

Our business model is based on integrity, professionalism and intelligence. Having worked within the construction industry for many years we decided that there must be a better and safer way of ensuring the safety of workers and other road users including pedestrians and cyclists when implementing traffic control measure. We do this by employing the basic principles of Work Health and Safety in all that we do. The basic principal is that Safety is your, mine and their responsibly and therefore when planning for traffic management our initial focus will be on risk assessment and its elimination and or minimisation. All our licensed traffic controllers must pass literacy and numeracy’s skills and have above average communication skills. They are also trained inhouse to conduct a risk assessment of the work zone before implementing the traffic plan. Our emphasis on safety does not stop there it starts and includes our fatigue management control policies and it goes without saying they must undergo quarterly routine alcohol and drug testing as well as at random intervals in the workplace.